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While many students and parents think of tuition as the true cost of a Spring Hill College education, the reality is that tuition only covers a portion of the full cost to educate a Spring Hill student.

Every year, Spring Hill College, with the help of friends like you, supplements tuition for each student.  Consistent, annual gifts from alumni, parents and friends make a Spring Hill College education possible for every student.

Please consider making a gift today. Your support will sustain the mission of Spring Hill College, enabling us to hold true to our promise of forming leaders engaged in learning, faith, justice and service for life. Thank you for your support of Spring Hill College students.

Learn from our students why your gift matters.

The Time to Make a Difference is Now

image upload by lreeseAfter spending years on the road and caring for thousands of patients, a brief stop back in Tyrone Barnes’ hometown of Mobile, Ala., completely changed the direction of his career.

Barnes, who then lived in Houston, Texas, decided to stop by Spring Hill College’s division of nursing to visit some old professors. While on campus, he had the chance to speak to Dr. Ola Fox about his dreams and aspirations.  Read more...


Our family’s Spring Hill roots run deep

We’re the Bodet family, and this is our Spring Hill story (as told by Anne ’86).

My mother graduated from Spring Hill in 1964; and my father served as the registrar, dean of students, the golf coach, and the assistant football coach (yes, football!).  My uncle was the beloved Dr. Charles Boyle, a 1950 alumnus who went on to become a professor and chair of the English department and the college’s archivist. His lovely wife, Roberta, is my aunt, and she served adult students in Lifelong Learning.  Read more...

Campus Visit Leads to Estate Gift

Ernst M. CohnIt's not often Spring Hill College receives a substantial gift from someone with no connection to the college, other than a one-time campus visit and a drive down the Avenue of the Oaks. Yet, that's precisely what led Ernst M. Cohn to name Spring Hill College as the beneficiary of his trust, now valued at $1.68 million.


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