2020 Homecoming on the Hill Survey

Calling all alumni! It's your Homecoming and we want to hear from you!
Your input on this survey will help us determine the schedule of events for Homecoming on the Hill 2020.
We hope to see everyone back on the Hill in March and we look forward to learning more about you and your interests!

Save the Date!
Homecoming on The Hill: March 27 - 29, 2020

Homecoming on the Hill Survey 2020
Please let us know what you would like to see at the Homecoming on The Hill 2020.
Questions that require an answer are marked with  *
1 * First Name:
2 Middle/Maiden Name:
3 * Last Name:
4 * Class Year:
5 E-mail Address:
6 Home Phone:
7 Cell Phone:
8 Home Address:
9 * City:
10 * State:
11 ZIP Code:
12 * Do you plan to attend Homecoming on the Hill on March 27-29,2020:
13 If no, please tell us why.
14 What types of events would you like to see at Homecoming? Please check all that apply.

15 How do you feel about having current students attend Homecoming events?
16 Is there anything you would really like to see or do at Homecoming this year? We love new ideas.
17 If you and your friends, fraternity brothers, sorority sisters, teammates or special interest groups would like to have a special reunion just for your group, please let us know!
18 Would you like to help with the reunion committee?
19 If you have any other comments about your reunion, please share them here:





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