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An annual gift is an ongoing “vote of support” for Spring Hill College and the quality of your college experience on The Hill.  Alumni annual support ensures the continued excellence of that experience for current and future students. Participation indicates alumni satisfaction and sends a message to potential students and funding partners.

Alumni participation impacts:

  • Value of a Spring Hill degree. Parents and prospective students look at national rankings and alumni participation rates as indications of how satisfied alumni are with the school and the quality of the degree.

  • National rankings. External evaluators like U.S. News and World Report use participation rates when calculating rankings. 

  • Financial strength. Annual giving is an essential resource for the college. Corporations and foundations also require alumni participation rates in proposal requests because they believe their philanthropic or sponsored-research dollars should go to an institution with proven results. Alumni satisfaction is a key measure.


For years, Spring Hill ranked among institutions with the highest rates of alumni annual giving in the nation. As with many other schools, alumni participation in the Spring Hill Fund was on a steady decline.  Thanks to the generosity of SHC Alumni…our alumni participation is on the rise!  We had more than 10% participation in 2021!

Every alumni gift, regardless of size, makes an impact on this annual participation rate!  



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