Alumni Stories

Elizabeth Welborn, BS ‘94

Combining her passion for horses and design and dedication to sustainability and economic empowerment, Elizabeth created Stick & Ball, a sustainable fashion brand with a vision for positive change.








Dr. Patrick Geary, BA ‘70

He has dedicated his life to pursuing higher education and in doing so has helped countless young people along the way to achieving their dreams.




Caroline Cusick, BS ‘19

Through her dedication to flying which started at a young age, she is working towards her dream while continuing to learn more about her craft.


Caroline’s passion for flying grew from a brief conversation she had with her dad when she was younger and told him that she wanted to be a flight attendant. To this, he responded “go big and be the pilot instead.” These words sparked something in her that she has not been able to let go of since.

MK Wegmann, BA ‘70

By trusting her instincts and following her passions, she has been able to not only find a career in the arts, but has helped make others find their way in this field as well.


Col. Louis Sylvester, BS '63
He dedicated his life to service for others and throughout his distinguished career has earned many prestigious awards.  He is now enjoying retirement with his wife, Vivian.  


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