Archived Alumni Stories

Lt. Dan Feirman, MLA '16
With circumstances and history against him, Lt. Dan completed a goal he'd begun to think was impossible. In a meeting with Hallet Graham, this outstanding SHC alumnus describes his path to The Hill and what it meant to him.





Kathy Mezrano '65 
Inspired by her Spring Hill College friends during a beach trip in August 2015, Kathy compiled favorite recipes and entertaining tips from her more than 30 years of catering experience into a book that exudes every bit of the fun and fabulousness of this Spring Hill alumna. 








Mary Linda Portner '74
Mary Linda Portner ’74 chose Spring Hill College on a leap of faith.  She desired to leave behind the expectations for young women in the late 1960s in Jackson, Miss.  Though her parents restricted her college search to a 200-mile radius around Jackson, so that she could remain relatively close to home, Spring Hill’s 180-mile distance from her hometown made the leap possible. 









George Simmerman '80

When George Simmerman ’80 was an undergraduate at Spring Hill, his favorite place to relax on campus was the Jesuit cemetery, where he says he felt the history of the people who had served the college.  From the vantage point of the cemetery, all of downtown Mobile is visible; a sight that Simmerman imagined would be part of his future.








Bob Hosmon '65
Born and raised in Tupelo, Miss., Dr. Robert Hosmon never thought he’d be going to a small school in Mobile, Ala., but he knew that a Jesuit education is what he wanted most in a college. After visiting Spring Hill while the college was on spring break, he knew Spring Hill was the right place for him. “A Brother gave me the tour, and I fell in love with the sense of community that Spring Hill had. I felt right at home with what Spring Hill had to offer,” said Hosmon.





Jide Anyigbo '12
Year in and year out Spring Hill College has many diverse students walk through its doors. Each of these individuals brings a unique story that becomes part of the Spring Hill legacy. Jide Anyigbo ’12 was one such student. Anyigbo, whose family came to the United States from Nigeria, made his way to Spring Hill from Houston, Texas.  As the second child and the first son, Anyigbo has always been a leader for his mother, Frances, sister, Diogo, and three younger brothers Kene, Tobe, and Jesse. Being a leader in his family translated easily to becoming a leader in the Spring Hill College community.








Raechelle Munna '06
Spring Hill College young alumna Raechelle Munna ’06 has always taken advantage of the opportunities that have come her way; so it is no surprise that she is as successful in her professional endeavors as she was in the classroom. Munna said that Spring Hill played an essential role in forming who she is today.







Frank Randol '68
Frank Randol ’68 exemplifies who Spring Hill College hopes its students will become. Not only has he experienced incredible success in the restaurant industry, he has made it a point to be a leader for his family, community, and his alma mater. 





Jack '61 and Fran Gleeson
As a scholarship student-athlete in the late ’50s and early ’60s, Jack Gleeson ’61 understands the importance of giving. Gleeson and his wife, Fran, are members of the 1830 Society at Spring Hill College. They have chosen to leave a legacy gift to the College in their will.



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