The Story of Bob Hosmon '65

by Kearney Cole '14

Born and raised in Tupelo, Miss., Dr. Robert Hosmon never thought he’d be going to a small school in Mobile, Ala., but he knew that a Jesuit education is what he wanted most in a college. After visiting Spring Hill while the college was on spring break, he knew Spring Hill was the right place for him. “A Brother gave me the tour, and I fell in love with the sense of community that Spring Hill had. I felt right at home with what Spring Hill had to offer,” said Hosmon.

After graduating in 1965 with a degree in English, he decided to go to Arizona State University to get his master’s degree and Ph. D in English Literature. He believes that it was the Spring Hill education he received that prepared him so well for the future. “I had really great professors at Spring Hill that taught me and prepared me for the work ahead. I felt so confident and equipped with the education that I received that it put me ahead of my classmates at graduate school,” said Hosmon.

After graduating from Arizona State University in 1968, Hosmon started teaching at the University of Miami and ultimately became the Chairman of the English Department. He worked at Miami-Dade Community College as Dean of Development and Public Affairs, and he also worked as a political analyst for the CBS affiliate in Miami. In 1979, Hosmon began working as the Executive Assistant to the Florida Secretary of State until 1984. Soon after, he was asked to return to the University of Miami.

In 1991, Hosmon moved back to the University of Miami to help further develop the School of Communication. He has worked as Vice Dean of Advancement and External Affairs for the University for over 40 years. He is on sabbatical this year from the University of Miami, and in May, he will be stepping down to continue to travel and write independently. Hosmon has always loved staying busy as a freelance writer.

He began writing as a restaurant critic for The Miami Herald and began writing a wine column that appeared around the world. He is a widely-published wine critic and a regular contributor to many newspapers and magazines. He is a columnist for the Miami Monthly Magazine, a writer for the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, and loves traveling around the world tasting all kinds of food and different types of wine.

He may be retiring from education, but he will continue to do what he loves. He will be traveling and writing about wine at his own leisure. Hosmon also stays busy giving back to his Miami community. He gives his time volunteering, and he says it was Spring Hill College that really taught him the value of helping others.

The professors at Spring Hill also taught him a lesson that wasn’t in the textbooks. “Besides my education, I think Spring Hill taught me to always go after what I believe in. The professors taught us that it is ok to stand up to authority figures too. Not everyone will have the same opinions as you, but if you show respect, you will get the same respect in return. Because of the great professors I had, Spring Hill has stuck with me through all these years,” said Hosmon. The education and lessons Hosmon received while at Spring Hill truly made him the man he is today. He may have graduated from Spring Hill many years ago, but Spring Hill never really left him.





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