Kathy Mezrano '65
By: Hallet Graham

“When I’m entertaining, I see the whole vision. It’s not just about the food, flowers, music or décor – it’s about the complete experience.”

Kathy Mezrano ’65 knows that food is more than just sustenance – it’s an art form that brings people together. Memories are made, stories are told, and life is nourished in myriad ways around the dinner table. Kathy is an artist, and this is her craft.

One of Birmingham’s finest caterers for over 30 years, Kathy recently released her first cookbook instructing even the most amateur entertainers in setting tablescapes and serving dishes and drinks that will take their guests’ breath away. She has an unparalleled ability to create recipes that are as beautiful to look at as they are delicious to consume.

Kathy’s new book is a labor of love from start to finish. Inspired by longtime friends and fellow alumnae, assisted by her college roommate, and encouraged by her husband, she captures the joy and vivacity of breaking bread with friends and loved ones. Though her husband, Louis Mezrano '64, passed away before the book was completed, he played an important role in encouraging Kathy to write it. When her company, Kathy G’s, was heating up, he left his law practice to manage it in a move that was the genesis of the quintessential family business. Their son, Jason Mezrano '94, is the company’s executive chef, their niece is the senior event coordinator, and Kathy says her staff is close enough to be extended family members.

From tailgate necessities to ritzy dinner parties and from Bangkok to Tuscany, Food, Fun & Fabulous has all the recipes, tips and tricks to create the most memorable, artful gatherings of friends and family.




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