Homecoming on the Hill 2013 Evaluation
Questions that require an answer are marked with  *
1 I heard about Homecoming through (check all that apply):

2 How far did you have to travel to come to Homecoming?
3 Where did you stay during your time in Mobile?
4 Why did you want to attend Homecoming 2013? (Please check all that apply.)

5 How did you register for Homecoming?
6 If you registered online was registration user-friendly?
7 Please rate each area accordingly (choose “N/A” for those not applicable):
Online registration
On-site registration
Variety of events
Number of events
Overall organization of events
Ample time for visiting with friends
8 What events did you attend (check all that apply):

9 Any favorite event(s)? If so, please explain:
10 Any event that needs improvement? If so, please explain:
11 Other events, check if you attended or participated:

12 Are there any other events you would like to see us include in Homecoming festivities?
13 How likely is it you will attend Homecoming 2014?
14 How many times have you attended Homecoming since you graduated?
15 Do you feel you received a good value based on the amount you paid to attend Homecoming?
16 Please summarize what you are most looking for in a Homecoming event. What would compel you to attend? You may list things you have experienced in previous Homecoming events as well as new ideas for a successful Homecoming in 2014.
17 My class year is

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