The Story of Jide Anyigbo '12

by Caroline Gernhauser '12

Year in and year out Spring Hill College has many diverse students walk through its doors. Each of these individuals brings a unique story that becomes part of the Spring Hill legacy. Jide Anyigbo ’12 was one such student. Anyigbo, whose family came to the United States from Nigeria, made his way to Spring Hill from Houston, Texas.  As the second child and the first son, Anyigbo has always been a leader for his mother, Frances, sister, Diogo, and three younger brothers Kene, Tobe, and Jesse. Being a leader in his family translated easily to becoming a leader in the Spring Hill College community.

Anyigbo chose to come to Spring Hill when he saw the beautiful campus and the care that the faculty had for the students. He knew that it would be an excellent place for him to grow. “The drive for me to attend a school distant from my home was to test myself to see if I could make it on my own as a man without running to my mom for help,” said Anyigbo. He not only made it, he thrived at Spring Hill. Anyigbo earned his Bachelor of Science in Biology and majored in Biochemistry, frequently making it on the Dean’s list. He was involved in Chemistry Club, Residence Hall Association (RHA), CAE Peer mentor tutor, Organic Chemistry Tutor, and Resident Assistant (RA). He also received the Spirit of Spring Hill award and won the Intramural Athlete of the Year award for 2010-2011.

As a Donnelly Scholar, scholarships played a large role for Anyigbo. “The scholarships that I have received made it possible for me to attend Spring Hill. Without these scholarships I would not have been able to go to school there,” said Anyigbo. He remained grateful throughout his four years and showed his appreciation by remaining connected and involved on campus. “I would like to thank the donors who continue to donate to the scholarship funds for Spring Hill students; it is because of their generosity that I was able to focus on my education and make the most of my experience at Spring Hill without such a heavy financial burden,” said Anyigbo of his donor.

Anyigbo was accepted to the University Of Tennessee College Of Pharmacy in Memphis. While continuing his career path in medicine and leaving behind his years at Spring Hill, Anyigbo explains what he loves the most about his home here on the Hill. “The thing I love the most about Spring Hill is all the different people that I have had a chance to meet and become friends with during my time on the Hill. The close bonds and cherished relationships that I share with my classmates drives me to stay connected to my Badger roots,” said Anyigbo.




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