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Thank you for taking the time to complete this information. It will help us stay in touch with you! This information is helpful not only in case of emergency, but so that we can invite you to events in your area and keep you up to date with what's happening on campus. We're glad you're part of the Badger family!

SHC Parent Info Form
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1 * Student's name:
2 * Student's date of birth:
3 * Father's or guardian's name:
(Please indicate if deceased.)
4 Father's or guardian's SHC class year (if applicable):
5 * Father's or guardian's home address:
6 * Father's or guardian's home or cell phone:
7 * Father's or guardian's personal email:
8 * Father's or guardian's company name:
9 * Father's or guardian's position/job title:
10 * Father's or guardian's business address:
11 * Father's or guardian's business phone:
12 * Father's or guardian's business email:
13 Father's or guardian's hometown newspaper:
14 Father's or guardian's spouse's name:
15 * Mother's or guardian's name:
(Please indicate if deceased.)
16 Mother's or guardian's SHC class year (if applicable):
17 * Mother's or guardian's home address:
18 * Mother's or guardian's home or cell phone:
19 * Mother's or guardian's home email:
20 * Mother's or guardian's company name:
21 * Mother's or guardian's position/job title:
22 * Mother's or guardian's business address:
23 * Mother's or guardian's business phone:
24 * Mother's or guardian's work email:
25 Mother's or guardian's hometown newspaper:
26 * Mother's or guardian's spouse's name:
27 * Student's siblings' names and birthdays:
28 Names and relationships to student of other family members who attended Spring Hill College:
29 * Your name:
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