Scholarships at Spring Hill College

Montserrat Scholarships

In 1522, St. Ignatius of Loyola, the founder of the Jesuits, chose Montserrat as the place to lay down his solder’s weapons and begin a new life devoted to study, teaching, service, faith and purpose.  Just as St. Ignatius chose Montserrat as a place to begin a new life, students choose Spring Hill College as a place to begin their new lives.  With a gift of $25,000 ($5,000 annually for 5 years) you can name a Montserrat Scholarship.  This scholarship will help bridge the gap for students who have applied for loans and financial aid, but still require financial assistance to make a Jesuit education a reality.  Donors will get to know their student scholar and hear about their college experience throughout their years on the Hill.

Endowed Scholarships

An endowment gift is invested along with the College’s other endowment funds in accordance with the College’s investment policy. A portion of the annual earnings is made available for the scholarship and the balance is returned to the principal amount to ensure its continued growth.

Once established, an endowed scholarship provides financial assistance to one or more students each year in perpetuity. Typical scholarship awards are in the areas of academic achievement, leadership, service, athletics and financial need. They are awarded to qualified students as determined by the fund agreement between the donor and Spring Hill College.

How will a student benefit from my endowed gift?

As the principal continues to grow, so will the amount available to be awarded to students. Depending on the amount of the endowment, the earnings may cover a portion or all of tuition, books, room and board.

How do I establish an endowed scholarship?

Endowed scholarships are established with a minimum gift of $50,000.00, payable over a maximum of five years. A simple agreement between the donors and Spring Hill College establishes the purpose of the scholarship and what, if any, criteria the donor wishes to include. This agreement ensures that the scholarship will continued to be used in perpetuity, according to the donor’s wishes. Not only does the gift of an endowed scholarship provide support for students, but the donor may also deduct the contribution for income tax purposes.

Alumni Chapter Scholarships

Local Scholarships are currently established by the Mobile Alumni Chapter (The Zoghby-DeVaney Memorial Scholarship), the St. Louis Chapter (The Daniel Aubuchon Memorial Scholarship), the Chicago Chapter, and the National Alumni Association (Brown-Oliver Scholarship.) These scholarships are administered by the Office of Alumni Programs in conjunction with the Office Of Admissions. Learn more about chapter scholarships and established criteria.


Establish a Scholarship

For more information on establishing a funded or endowed scholarship, please contact the Spring Hill College Office of Advancement.


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