Our family’s Spring Hill roots run deep.

We’re the Bodet family, and this is our Spring Hill story (as told by Anne ’86).

My mother graduated from Spring Hill in 1964; and my father served as the registrar, dean of students, the golf coach, and the assistant football coach (yes, football!).

My uncle was the beloved Dr. Charles Boyle, a 1950 alumnus who went on to become a professor and chair of the English department and the college’s archivist. His lovely wife, Roberta, is my aunt, and she served adult students in Lifelong Learning.

When I was a freshman at Spring Hill, I fell in love with Reb, a junior who lived in Walsh Hall. We married in September 1986, four months after I graduated. Reb’s family ties to Spring Hill were just as rich and varied as my own. His father, C. Adrien Bodet Jr., was the physician to the Jesuits on campus from 1958 until his retirement in 1993. Our siblings and their spouses are SHC graduates, and our children are the current generation of Badgers.

As you can see from our family tree, we’re a Spring Hill family, through and through.

Most of my great SHC memories revolved around spending time with friends I made there. Spring Hill prepared me for the real world by teaching me how to learn and how to communicate with people from all walks of life. The College shaped us to become well-rounded adults with the social awareness and knowledge needed to succeed in our society while helping others at the same time. I see the impact of a Jesuit education in my own life, my children’s lives, my family, and our friends who are Spring Hill grads. They are professionals, mothers and fathers, philanthropists, and, overall, great human beings.

Reb double-majored in computer management and accounting and started working for Electronic Data Systems as a systems engineer right out of college. He still works for the same company, which was bought by Hewlett-Packard a few years ago. I majored in psychology and worked in the human resources field before spending 15 years as a stay-at-home mom. I now serve as the treatment coordinator for an orthodontic practice.

The most important evidence of our love for the College is that our children are also products of a Spring Hill education. Our oldest daughter, Meredith, grew up listening to Spring Hill stories her whole life. She really wanted to go away to college, but Reb and I encouraged her to attend a visit day at Spring Hill. Meredith decided Spring Hill was the place for her and became very involved on campus. She graduated this past May and is working as a nurse at Thomas Hospital in Fairhope, Ala. Colin, our next child, is a junior majoring in accounting. This semester he is studying at Spring Hill’s Italy Center in Bologna and having the time of his life. Amelia, now a freshman majoring in early childhood education, has wanted to attend SHC since her older sister started there. In her heart, Amelia has always been a Badger. Dalton is a sophomore at McGill-Toolen Catholic High School, and it wouldn’t surprise me if he decides to go to Spring Hill, too. I think it is just in our blood.

Through the years, our family has moved from Detroit to New Orleans to Raleigh, before finally settling in Daphne, Ala. Reb and I may never be the College’s largest donors, but we have always stayed connected to the place that brought us together. We believe that giving back to our alma mater, financially and through our involvement as alumni, truly makes a difference.


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