MK Wegmann, BA ‘70


By trusting her instincts and following her passions, she has been able to not only find a career in the arts, but has helped make others find their way in this field as well.



MK Wegmann majored in English literature with minors in Philosophy and Theatre during her time at Spring Hill College. While in college, she took various painting, photography, and journalism classes which helped shape her ability to work in the arts, a long-time passion of  hers. After graduation, she made the decision to go to graduate school in New Orleans, instead of moving to New York to pursue a career in theater; she remained in New Orleans and worked hard to make her dream come true. She claims her career was accidental. She had a temp job that taught her about finance which turned out to be very useful. She then got a job working at an art gallery after graduate school that gave her the launch she needed at the time. She then went on to be a part of the group who started the Contemporary Arts Center in New Orleans. From there it was an easy path forward.


Throughout her life, working towards racial justice has been a big motivator. She graduated high school in’66 and integration was a big part of her growing up. When she came to Spring Hill, Mobile was struggling with integration. Going to school here impacted her life in an unforgettable way. She says, “Spring Hill provided an environment where one could grow and change--that was significant. I do value the opportunities that a small school with a liberal arts education allows a person, it makes it possible to take on anything in life.”


Today MK would describe herself as semi-retired. She still does consulting work. She claims that “Working with the artists was the most exciting part of the job. Being able to  look at the art from the point of view of the person who made it in response to contemporary life is the most rewarding.” In conclusion, the advice she would give her younger self is truly humbling. She says that “education is about learning to think more than getting a job, there is a lot of shift and emphasis from those days until now. Learning to think is most important. Pick a major based on your strengths, not based on jobs.” This is crucial for every student to hear.

By Catherine Edwards '21




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